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Got some words, gunna sing them, here I go! ♥
09 January 2011 @ 02:33 am
Haha, it's been a while since I even logged in. I think I've logged in like... Twice since my last post? Hahaaaaaaa.... ):

Anyways, list of updates?

•School's going good, I like my classes (all 3 of 'em...) for the most part, and 2 of them are full-year too, which I'm pretty happy about. I have around a A- in one of them, which is AWESOME! It's the class I skipped the most, but it's easy. I mean, it's international relations, which I don't really know a lot about, but I understand the concept pretty well just 'cause I've seen them in readings I've done before....

ALSO, I'm a Poli Sci major right now, and REALLY enjoy it... HOwever, I'm changing into music next year if I can get in... I have to audition... I don't know advanced theory so I don't really know if I"ll be good enough... I don't think I'd want to do law when I graduate, and don't really know what I'd want to do with it....

Speaking of music, I've taken up the guitar about 4 months ago, and I'm starting to learn the baass right now. Going pretty good, having troubles recently 'cause guitar has made me realise that my fingers are double-jointed... Or that's what my guitar teacher says anyways...

CONCERT. They've been lacking guys... I can't seem to like the people that come recently. I'm pretty peeved about it, but nothing I can do. Since school started, I've seen

GASLIGHT ANTHEM (AMAZING. I absolutely loved it. First concert I wen to alone, and it was just... Awesome. I found a new love for the band that night, especially Brian, the singer. He was SO sweet, and uhg, too adorable. They had a 8 song encore too. :D)
AGAINST ME - Honestly, my friend forgot his ID, so we chilled in the minor section. Some idiots decided to start a omosh pit when it was pretty empty, some big guy landed on me, I fell over, my head landed on a stair that leaded up to the bar, and got a concussion. I had to go to the hospital and miss everything. I was pretty pissed. The Flatliners were half hour away from hitting the stage, and I was SO excited to see them. They've worked themselves to be one of my favorite bands....
SONIC BOOM - a music festival put on by a local radio station. It featured Wintersleep, BAD RELIGION, City and Colour, WEEZER and RISE AGAINST. It was alright, They needed better security though. They crowds were super painful, and I swear people they suffocating cause of hoe rowdy it was. My iPod also got stolen, cause I didn't even realise that I brought it in. I even asked my sister to hold the bag cause I thought people were going through it, but she didn't... She was in front of me... I'm pretty mad at that. The weather was shit, it was alright when we got there, but then it started raining, and I was wearing pretty light clothing. I ended up getting so cold that I put on the bad religion shirt I had over the shirts I already had on and looked like I weighed double what I actually do. Bad Religion was amazing, excpet the crowd's roughness kinds ruined it. It was my first time seeing them, and they've been my idols since grade 8, so I was super happy to finally see them. I have videos too remember it by! Weezer was pretty damn awesome too. I'm not even really a big Weezer person, but they were amazing! They're so good live!

•Even though we still talk about it from time-to-time, we don't really talk about last year (I mean, the 5 of us... The Big 5...) infact, I've only seen Jesse 3 times that I actually stopped to say something... And everytime I try to hang out with Baller, he just says he's busy or working. Michelle and her boyfriend and glued at the hip, which is completely frustrating sometimes... I mean, they're ALWAYS together, and they ditch everything to be with each other. I can't even talk to Michelle without her saying that she's leaving to go meet up with him... Or else quotes him all the time. So Brendan and me are the ones that kinda are keeping the same lifestyle... We just go around and do what we need to do....

My job. I mean, I like working at Starbucks and everything, I don't really have a problem with it other than that I have to drive 30 minutes to get there, when I could just transfer to one that's 3 minutes away, but i dunno. I asked to be full time over the holiday season, and I got minimal hours for part time. I'm not the only one that isn't getting hours either. I think Betty, my manager, likes Damian and Michelle, cause they actually get full time hours when no one else does. I'm actually pretty pissed about that. I needed the money real bad, but yeah. We also over hired, so now we get even less hours... I want about 25 hours a week, and I'm never going to get over 20 with this many people. we hired.... like 10 people over the holiday season, and now we have no need for them, but they're staying too...

ANYWAYS, I got 2 tattoos since my last post. I have a tattoo going across my sternum, that reads "There's so much love in you," which I got September 3rd (honest warning... Don't make that your first tattoo. It's the most painful place to get one... I cried during mine, and kinda was regretting it during the process. I don't regret it know though... After you deal with all the crap, it's actually really pretty!), and I got a treble clef that starts at my hip that goes all the way up my rib cage, which I got a few days ago, on the 4th (I HEARD this one was painful, especially if you're ticklish, but it wasn't bad at all... I mean, I'm RIDICULOUSLY TICKLISH, and only maybe an incd right below the rib cage was super-painful). Aaaannnnd, I just went through all my facebook pics, and don't have a decent picture of them, so I guess maybe I can post pics later? Probably after the new tattoo heals a bit more and stops peeling and being slightly swollen.

Hmm... I've got a pub-crew! Maybe I've posted about them before? I don't know... But, because of this, I've become more of a pub than a club kinda person. I spent new years eve with them (and left an expensive hoodie at one guys place who won't respond to anything I try to send him.... He takes in squatters, so I think they could've taken it... D: I cried so much when I found out I forgot to take it home with me... D:)

That's the guy that I met first and introduced me to the crew. I met him a few weeks after I started at Starbucks, but he's pretty awesome. MY TATTOO. That's honestly the best pic I have of that one. Since we had a cold summer-fall, I was always trying to bundle up...

GUYS, FAIR WARNING. Don't come to the city where I live. We just had a snow storm. It started yesterday morning, and just stopped. I was outside for most of it. Jake came back for a week, so we hung out yesterday, and it was ridiculous outside the roads are SO bad, and everytime we parked the car to go somewhere, we'd be digging it out afterwards. I got home at midnight, and was leaving my house at 12:20 in the afternoon, and I had a foot of snow on my car, and it was covered in ice... The person who lives across the street from me came over and helped me scrap the ice off the windows enough to see through them. The snow was up to my knees almost...

Anyways, I have to get to bed. School starts on monday... Which i guess is tomorrow, so I'm heading to bed... I also work 8 hours tomorrow, which is a pretty rare occasion now...

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Got some words, gunna sing them, here I go! ♥
08 August 2010 @ 02:18 am


(don't mind that I blinked during this picture.)

It was the 5th. It was the best weather we've had all summer. It took place in my city, for the first time ever. I went with three other people; my sister, Emma and Julie. I walked out with HORRIBLE sunburns.

Summery of the day.


Saw a few acts, bought some merch, and then waited for the Rocket Summer signing. After waiting 45 minutes in line, at the very front (as a friend saved my spot, or else I would've been further back), I MET FUCKING BRYCE AVARY. He personalized his autograph. He's themost beautiful person ever. He's so pure!


REEL BIG FISH. Half of the band pictured above. I was late to their set, but only missed IWYGTBMG. I started at the back 'cause I was late, but after the punk-version of S.R finished, I got pushed to the very front in front of Scott! I sat their and helped the crowd surfers. I rocked out.

(John yells "We love you, Edmonton :D", made my day. 1:04)

After the concert, waited in their signing line, while watching Anti Flag play. The reel big fish signing. Too great for words. Once it's my turn, I get greeted by a hug from Johnny! :D While talkin to Johnny, hecracks a few jokes, then i turn to Derek and Dan as they're signing my shirt, and Dan jumps infront and we shake hands. THEY'RE SUCH AWESOME PEOPLE. After saying thanks to them, a move down infront of Scott and Aaron, while talking and listening to Kim and John's convo. I look back ant Aaron, say thanks, and HE JUST GRINS. AWESOME. I'm in love with this band again. after turning back to Kim, Julie and Emma, Kim calls me over, and weget a picture with them! SCOTT AND DAN JUMP IN. It's pictured above. I didn't know that Scott was there, and I saw Dan moving around behind me while waitingfor the picture. This is AWESOME.

Then, next best thing. ROCKET SUMMER CONCERT.

BRYCE, YOU'RE MY NEW FAVORITE. Best concert ever to happen at WARPED. The fans were great, very enthusiatic. Bryce is just the most adorable person ever. So Much Love had the best fan interaction ever. also, at the end of his set,he just jumps into the crowd, and when I say that, i mean RIGHT OVER ME. I jumped ON TOP OF ME :D. So, we allgotto hold him up, and Rose nearly passes out she's in so much love.

Those are the two best things to happen at Warped.

(Hills and Valleys. This song makes me want to cry, it's so beautiful!)

THEN YESTERDAY. I went to a local concert featuring Greater Than Giants, DOWN THE HATCH, and ON YOUR MARK. Greater than Giants is my fav local. The guitaroist played a solo preformance first, AND COVERED THE GASLIGHT ANTHEM. Anyways, GTG had A ROWDY AWESOME SHOW. The singer Ty Cerda, just went into the crowd, held the mic up, and we all yelled into the mic, and it was great. I love their songs.

(This is great live. The crowd is encouraged to be interactive. Ty holds the mic up and everybody sings. It's great. OUR HEARTS ARE TOO BIGFOR THIS TOWN.)
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Got some words, gunna sing them, here I go! ♥
01 July 2010 @ 02:22 pm
I guess I have a few minutes to update!

HAPPY CANADA DAYYYYYYYYYYY. Imma go out and watch the fireworks with my uni friends that I haven't seen for a while. :D

Also, my job. I work at Starbucks, and am just completing my second week.

My co workers are fun, within the first week, I spent a night with half of them at a club, even though I didn't really want to be AT THE CLUB. Me, Michelle and Damion had a great time, walking around and being silly.

This is all the time I have to update. I'm going to a concert then to the fireworks. Hopefully gets my mind off of everything..

Oh. Maybe I should mention... This has been bothering me. My cat was put down on Tuesday. It's the first time I've watched a pet die, and I'm incredible upset about it. I was sitting in the vet office crying, and my sister was being an asshole. just cause you didn't like the cat doesn't mean that you can just be happy and rude and not care! Yesterday at work, I definitely wasn't holding up too well....
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Got some words, gunna sing them, here I go! ♥
22 June 2010 @ 01:22 pm
So, I've officially started at Starbucks.

I had a 9-5 shift. I was SO awake when I first started, but after my shift, I was going to go straight home and take a nap... Except my parents wanted to go out for a family dinner ('cause it only happens a few times a year). I got home after we ate at 8, and completely crashed! The job isn't even intensive! Why am I so tired?! D:

I'm pretty bad right now at the job, but they say it's normal, there's just a lot to remember.... I can't remember if anything is cream based or coffee based... :O I like steaming milk. I should do it for a living. I also like making iced teas.

Also, on Sunday, THE MMVAs! Down With Webster and Marianas Trench preformed, and were great! Miley should just give up. Nobody really appreciates what she's doing. On my friends list on FB, there were talks about Miley, and how ridiculous and horrible she's become. I mean, "Can't Be Tamed" is based after pidgeon rights. The rights of pidgeons. SERIOUSLY?! How ridiculous!? She has to be joking!

Anyways, imma go try to learn about making drinks so when I go back tomorrow, I'll have some peace of mind.
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Got some words, gunna sing them, here I go! ♥
28 May 2010 @ 02:46 am
Aaah, so much has gone down in the last few days. Some refreshing, and greatly needed, and some not. The more recent it gets, the harsher it becomes....

ANYWAYS. I'm going to start off by saying;

PREPARE THE PREPARATIONS! I SWEAR, IT'S A HINT FOR LUDO'S NEW CD. Maybe title? First single? I'm so excited for more info! They've had it in their last 2 facebook updates, and when the first person mentioned it, they responded and said the comment was interesting. fact that that it was capatalized made it seem suspecious. :D Andrew Volpe and Tim Ferrell are slowly starting to post on twitter now. :D

So, now going onto life stuff. A guess I didn't hang out with my uni friends for a week, and I wanted to. MIchelle said that she and Josh were going on a 'date,' and invited me along since I hadn't seen him for so long. I can't remember what we did entirely, but I know we went to Boston Pizza. First time ever MIchelle wasn't ID'd for a drink. I say awesome things, that make people laugh for a good long time. "Ll"oyd. I had Belke's number, and I thought he was scared of me. I started texting him, because Josh BAller really wanted me too. I asked my hilarious question and HE ANSWERED IT. I was a stranger, and he answered an odd/awesome question, and WAS RIGHT. :O He eventually figured out who I was and know thinks I'm less creepy/more hilarious. That day, me, Michelle and Josh watched a woodpecker for a good 10 minutes. We were bored. Then BIG BANG THEORY SEASON FINALE. Me and Josh STILL talk about it. It was good! :D

NEXT DAY, I'm bored, and Michelle's at her first day of work. After work, we decide to hang out, and go back to BP, and she eats cheese cake. We must've sat there for a long time, cause we went to the bookstore right after, and it was closing. : \ We start driving around, and having a good nostalgia talk. We almost start crying because we miss things so badly. Mostly Us, Jesse and Brendan's relationship before they met my friends and yeah. It was a lot more intimate and honest. We tried finding things to do, but everything was closing.... We call Brendan, thinking he was drunk, and headed over to Beaumont. We honestly missed him. I know it had only been a week and a half since we last saw him, but we were almost crying. During the school year, we kinda thought he was annoying and didn't really like being around him as much. Looking back, he ALWAYS looked out for us, and we really think he's just some awesome person know. As soon as we saw him, me and Michelle RAN TO HUG HIM. If he wasn't sitting down, we would've tackled him over. :\ So, we hang out, but I needed to head home around 2 and left them alone, where apparently they talked.

Then yesterday, the remaining awkward 5 got together for the first time in like... 3 weeks. Me, Michlle, Josh and Brendan. We just hang out, meet up with Gabe, Kylie, and Josh's friend. We eat, and then walk around in awesome vintage stores on Whyte.

Then, today. I always said that I was going to find stuff out for the remains of the awkward 5. I did today. There's a sketchy chat site called Teenspot, which Jesse made me create so Jen wouldn't look like a creeper. The site is as sketchy as hell, so I haven't logged on since I made it. Jen has an account, and found a bf on there. WTH, you're so despirate, you have to use that site? The guy is from the states! So, anyways, I look on Jesse's page, to see what his most recent thing was. He has a big tribute on his page for his girlfriend, who he met on the site, WHO LIVES IN THE STATES, ON THE OPPOSITE COAST. After a bit of digging, I find his latest comment. I can't be on that site for more than 10 minutes without feeling disgusting.

I send his recent comment to Michelle. None of us have heard of Jesse since he left. Jen stalks him on Teenspot, and she said that he said that he was going to Europe. We all agree that it's probably BS. If he has money to go to Europe, he has money to be in Edmonton. Since Jesse moved away, his little bro added the remains of our 5 on facebook, so Michelle messages him to figure out what's up with them, since Justin wasn't anyhelp. We get a reply back, which Jesse is apparently in deep shit with his family. Great. Wanna know what's even better? Jesse blamed all of the shit on us. I mean, alcohol? We didn't know it would ruin Justin's future career. In fact, you encouraged us to bring alcohol. Justin often bummed off of us. Justin and Jesse are complete irresposible assholes who can't take the brunt of the blame. We're not playing the blame game.

Now we're all mad at him, but we all pity him too. I mean, his parents are uptight ass holes, who can't handle their kids growing up. I mean, Jesse's 18. He can legally have alcohol. He wanted some, HE HAD 2 FRICKIN SIPS. THAT DIDN'T RUIN HIM. He should've studied more, and he paying for that. Jesse lied to all of us, and said that his family was doing great. They fucking are not. It's ridiculous. Michelle's going to respond, but we don't want to cross the line into their family business. I honestly don't miss Jesse, and we were really close. I was in his top 3 people, he announced to everyone. Even if he came to Edmonton again, I don't think I could see him. I'd be too pissed off....
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Got some words, gunna sing them, here I go! ♥
16 May 2010 @ 01:07 am
I definitely had the best club experience last night when I went with Michelle, Ash, Jake, (for a short time) Brendan, and my sister...! :D

Funniest pick up line somebody has EVER used on me (being dead serious):

"You're really attractive. Do you mind if I awkwardly hit on you?"

After I turned him down, he didn't understand why I said no, and added in:

"This has never failed me! I'm not even from here! I'm from British Columbia! :D"

Haha, I felt my phone go off, but I didn't want to be rude... Ash pointed at my phone, so I checked it, and it asked if I needed help... I got her to pull me away! :D

He definitely was not unattractive, but not my type. He was more crunk than punk.. or even rock 'n roll. Haha, Michelle laughed at me SO MUCH!

Also, I was outside in the smoking area with everybody, and Jake likes to talk to everybody there. He started talking to this group of 3 guys, and one of them instantly introduced themself, and was being all nice, and we had a convo goin'. He started exclusively talking to Michelle, so I sat back and just listened and made a comment everyso often, then went to talk to the one that was leaning against the wall... His two buddies made him offer me a cigarillo, and was surprised when I turned it down... He honestly didn't believe me and my sister were twins... Then, by that point, Jake had run away, Ash and Kim went after him, and we were messaged to go find Jake's bro, Bastiaan, and try to get help. We find him, and he's always super nice to me. I don't EVER talk to him 'cause I never see him, but he totally invited me to his birthday, and even a limo pack to a bar! Anyways, me and Michelle find him, manage to find Jake, Bastiaan helps us, and we find ourselves on a stage for people that want attention when they dance. Me and Michelle, people who wouldn't really dance, totally got to the highest point on the stage, and just had a good time...

Then, we noticed the guys from when we were outside were there, like... RIGHT INFRONT OF US. Maybe ten minutes later, gthe guy I ended up talking to outside joined up with them... I totally liked that guy! We stayed up 'till around 2:15, then decided that we we're tired, and we all had something to do and wake up for in the morning, and had to leave...

As I was trying to hunt down Bastiaan, we were all trying to figure out how to get Jake home... since he was SO drunk. He walked. Oh man. I was trying to get through the crowd back to my group, and I told that guy I had to leave... He pulled me off to the side and told me I had awesome jeans...

We exchanged numbers (which I'm not expecting to get any sort of response from. I don't think he was drinking, butyeah.), and I got a hug! :D I frickin' love hugs. It's what i'm known for within my university friend circle! I had to ask for his name again 'cause I totally forgot, and made myself look like an idiot... But, I liked him... He seemed very laid back and "beachy"... Idon'tknow.

So many other funny things happened...
•I saw WEIRD THINGS when there's alcohol around, even if I'm not drinking. Every single time Usually to Michele of Josh. This time, I said something weird about Belke.
•This girl that we "met" outside the first time we went for a smoke break, we SO FUNNY. She called every boy "fucking rude." We saw her do it to one boy, then she came and talked to us, then went up to Bastiaan and called him rude, and we were all like "No! That's not him!" and yeah. It was really funny... She was so pretty! :O
•I had quite a few guys hit on me, y'know in a normal manner (Like, asking to dance/joining me in dancing/asking name... ect). Except the first guy. He creeped me out. I thought he was after Michelle. Brendan said otherways. He totally went around all of us and stared... Too creepy! D:
•YOU'RE GOING TO GO FAR, KID! I like that bar. It's my second time there, and the music is good. A lot more rock, and the dance music they play doesn't piss me off like other bars...
• Jake and Bastiaan dancing together. I'm surprised they didn't cut Jake off after that. Funniest thing i've ever seen.

JAKE. You're my bro! I'm going to miss you when you move to Victoria! I hope you have a good time in University! I'm going to keep in touch, since veen though we're really close, I don't talk to you very often...!
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